Test Brew #2 Has Been Racked

The second test brew has now been “racked” into casks. This is a milestone moment.

The beer will be ready for a taste test in about a week. This will tell us how the recipe needs tweaking for the third test brew. It is highly unlikely that at this stage the beer will be 100% to our satisfaction, indeed “off” flavours and aromas may be present. Imperfections in the flavour will indicate problems we need to address.

Any shareholders who are familiar with the flavours and aromas associated with such things as esters, phenols, diacetyl, aldehyde and dimethylsulphide are welcome to be part of the second test brew tasting.

In the unlikely (but not impossible) event the second test brew is perfect it will be put on sale at the Queens Arms and you will all be hearing about it! _JMP3978

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